Paper Is Amazing …

Paper – The thing about paper is, it can be liquid, it can be solid, it can be poured, pressed, painted, printed and polished. Paper can be intricately cut, cast in a mould, layered, stitched, folded, scored, manipulated and constructed. Paper just has infinite possibilities for any creative who’s main focus is materials and process – paper can be anything!

Final outcomes have always been the hardest part of my working practice. A favourite image of my making is below – An art teacher gave me the best piece of advice when she said … “sketching can be 3 dimensional too”. Through the internet I have now found many other creatives who value paper in the way that I do, this revelation has finally spurred me on to finish some of my bolder sketches and put my work out there for a larger audience to see.

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Please enjoy wondering through my papery obsessions and feel free to contact me (through the contacts page) if anything catches your eye.

Having struggled to articulate my particular creative output, I will leave you with my best quote to date …

“art is a process of expression-craft is an expression of process”– clare colby 2015

Favourite "Sketches"
Favourite “Sketches”